Our Team


Jenny Sabato, Board President

Jessica Shuey, Board Treasurer

Steve Macias, Board Secretary

Nicole Ueno, OB MainStreet Association

Jon Carr, Ocean Beach Town Council

Issac Darby, Ocean Beach Neighborhood Watch

Brian Lehtin, San Diego Veterans Village

Tim Suppa, General Contractor

Carter Moss, Newbreak Church Pastor

Jessica Strysko, Water’s Edge Faith Community Pastor

Adam Hopkins, Homeless Advocate

Teaming with:

- Think Dignity: Mobile Showers, Clothing, & Market

- PATH: Whole Wellness Program

- Local Business Owners: Area Sponsorships

- OB Graffiti Task Force: Graffiti Abatement

- Local Churches

- Local Clean-ups

- Local Neighbors


Jenny Sabato, Founder & Board President

Jenny is a 22 year OBcean with a deep love for her OB community. As a mother of 6 safety is always at the forefront of her mind and so is the idea of “home.” Broken hearted watching the the homeless over the years in OB she decided to to get to know them. 10 years ago she began doing just that. Her method was one on one relationship development. Occasionally teaming with group efforts (churches and other outreach programs) she found she really enjoyed the developing relationships most. 

After meeting Jessica she realized they shared the same heart for “home” and relationship being at the center and Jenny joined Jessica's Tuesday Saratoga Sandwiches where many homeless would meet weekly for a “family picnic.” Over the years Jenny and Jessica (aka Mama Jess) have seen over 40 homeless go to shelters, programs, find permanent housing or go home to family.

Conflict with the community over the gathering slowly evolved into The WeAreOB concept of reconciling inside and outside neighbors through a good ole fashion bartering system. With a book end approach of safety on one end and giving inside neighbors a chance embrace the broken outside neighbors of OB through working together to keep OB safe, clean and beautiful all will be encouraged to embrace the charm and heart of OB! 

Jessica Shuey, Board Treasurer


Jessica is the founder and President of His Love our Home, whose history of volunteering stretches back to 1999. She is a mother of three by birth, however, she is known by many as “Mama Jess” and has been called ‘Mother of Many,’ on several occasions. She was inspired to create His Love Our Home after spending a year closely ministering to the homeless community in Ocean Beach and coming to consider its members her own friends and family. 

Within WeAreOB.org, Jessica is working to obtain bartering tools from local businesses in exchange for services provided. She connects its efforts to those of other individuals, churches, and organizations with common goals. She continues to meet with houseless friends to walk alongside them to a place of wholeness and healing.

As a volunteer at her children’s schools, Jessica served in several positions including PTA President and GATE Volunteer Coordinator. She brings her attention to detail and passion for inspiring people to WeAreOB.org by organizing charitable events and using her strengths of empathy and individualization to place them in the role that best suits their God-given design. Jessica’s strength of developer gives her the tenacity and determination to stick to something until it’s completed and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and see it through to fruition.

When she’s not in Ocean Beach connecting with friends and family, Jessica enjoys spending time outdoors, riding bikes, visiting friends, and reading inspiring books on spiritual and biblical insights. Some of her favorites are Compelling Love, Kisses from Katie, and Welcome Home[less], in which she sees similarities between their ministries and the work she is doing in San Diego. Her favorite pastime, however, is spending time with her family ~ especially when all the children are home for a visit!

Nicole Ueno, Advisor & Facilitator

Nicole is a third-generation OBcean, and is raising her young family in Ocean Beach.  With deep roots in the business community as well as in several local organizations, Nicole is working on expanding the WeAreOB movement to reach all members of our community. 

A member of the Board of Directors for the Ocean Beach Town Council, the Programs Director for the Ocean Beach MainStreet Asssociation, and Founder of the OB Neighborhood Watch and OB Families Association,  Nicole's passion lies in doing whatever she can to help Ocean Beach and its residents thrive.  One of the most pervasive issues in OB is that of the homeless on our streets - and the conflict that is caused by those that disrespect the character and community of Ocean Beach.

As a representative of the OB Neighborhood Watch, Nicole approached church leaders in Ocean Beach to ask for a better solution to serving the homeless, suggesting a more comprehensive plan. She first met Jenny at that meeting and was eager to hear her thoughts on how to better meet the needs of both inside and outside neighbors.  Nicole is focused on finding positive solutions for our quality of life issues, and sees great potential in the WeAreOB program to build a grassroots movement to address homelessness in Ocean Beach. 

Nicole is working on securing support for the WeAreOB program with local and governmental organizations as well as ensuring that the program take into account the needs of merchants, residents, visitors, and homeless alike. She is hoping to keep the natural beauty and peace-loving spirit of Ocean Beach as the end goal of this community-building effort.

Jon Carr, Advisor & Representative of the Ocean Beach Town Council


Jon Carr has been a resident OBcean since 2000, and has served on the Ocean Beach Town Council Board of Directors since 2012. During that time, Jon has served on the executive committee as the Board’s correspondence secretary and has worked tirelessly on community events such as the Chili Cook-off, the Pier Pancake Breakfast, the OB Holiday Parade, and much more. During his time on the Town Council, Jon has helped draft numerous resolutions supporting issues important to our coastal community such as the plastic bag ordinance, support of the OB Precise Plan, support of veteran’s housing, homeless outreach programs, and more.  Jon has also served as a board member of Clean Ups For Change, a nonprofit helping communities up and down the California coast start their own beach cleanup campaigns.

 In his current role as Community Relations Chair, Jon is dedicated to bringing together our eclectic mix of residents, business owners, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and civic leaders to maintain the unique character of Ocean Beach, and keep the 1502 weird and wonderful for generations to come.  When not volunteering his time for the community of OB, Jon enjoys gardening, entertaining, and spending time with his wife Tanya, and their pets, Jimi and Chuy.